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Mountain Cove HOA Lodge

An Interior & Exterior repaint of a Majestic Lodge at the foothills of the Azusa Mountains. Beautiful interior with ornate wood crown moldings, base moldings and door/window frames. The Exterior was a combination of stucco, wood siding and wood beams, fascia, eaves and trim.

rosetta Canyon HOA Wrought iron

This was a project for painting, maintaining and protecting the Wrought Iron Fencing at the Rear of the Houses and Perimeter of the Common Areas. All rusted and bare metal areas were spot primed with Rust-Inhibiting Industrial Primer. The Wrought Iron was painted with a High Quality Exterior Semi-Gloss Metal Enamel to protect it from the Desert Sun and Heat. 

Riverside sun city hoa Community bldg

Existing Old & Deteriorated Wood Trellis was demoed and replaced with a New, Sturdy and Modern Wood Trellis. The fascia, eaves, trim, cornices and columns throughout the building were repaired, patched, primed & painted. The Shade Structures, Light Fixtures, Wrought Iron Fences & Gates were all painted with the newer Color Scheme.​

landmark education offices

An Interior Painting project for the Tenant Improvements of the Landmark Education Offices. This work was done in 4 phases and consisted of 3 different suites. The new & existing walls were painted  and included many accent colors. The accent wall colors were painted on with smooth & crisp transitions!

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A.K.A. Beverly Hills Hotel Line Striping

We Re-striped the 5 Story Underground Parking Lot Spaces at the Ultra High-End Hotel in Beverly Hills. There were 207 Double White Line Parking Spaces, 8 Handicap Parking Spaces, Handicap Walkway Paths and Handicap Symbols. We also Blocked out the existing Unit Numbers and Re-Painted New Unit Numbers, including Valet Only & Employee Only Parking Spaces.

Santa monica HOA Exterior Repaint

Exterior Painting of HOA Townhomes in Santa Monica, CA. Patched, Repaired, Spot Primed and Painted all White Wood Trim, Siding in the Courtyard, Stucco Walls, Metal Balcony Guardrails, Stair Handrails, Wrought Iron Fencing, Garage Doors and Entry Doors. ​

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pet food express - Pasadena, CA

Interior and Exterior Painting of a New High-End Healthy Pet Food Store in Pasadena, CA. This was a fast-track project that had to be completed in a short amount of time. Worked long days, nights and weekends to prep, prime and paint all Interior Walls, Ceilings, Columns, Soffits and Doors. Prepped and Painted Exterior Metal Columns, Handrails, Gates and Storefront. ​

toca football

Interior Painting of a New State-of-the-Art TOCA Football Soccer Center. Prepped, primed and painted all new and existing walls, ceilings and doors in the Offices, Restrooms, Conference Room and Sports Turf Practice Area.​

dmg-mori Showroom/offices

Interior Tenant Improvement of DMG-MORI Offices. Painted 20’ High Walls, Columns, Exposed Ceilings, HVAC Ductwork and Conduits in the Showroom. Primed and Painted New Walls and Ceilings in the Offices, Conference Rooms, Restrooms, Reception & Bar. ​

ramona's mexican restaurant

An Interior Painting project for a growing Mexican Fast Food Restaurant serving delicious Home-Made Mexican Food. Their colorful design style made this project very interested to work on. The black ceilings contrasting 4 different colors on the wall created and sense of comfort and hunger!​